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  • March 16, 2022
  • 3 Minute Read
Press Release

Enterprise Travel Direct Enhanced to Create Better Business Rental Experience

Two Major Upgrades Are Now in Place with Others Set to Follow Soon

Two Major Upgrades Are Now in Place with Others Set to Follow Soon

Enterprise is significantly enhancing its Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD) booking and compliance management platform to help customers to empower all employees, control their business travel and reduce reliance on grey fleet.

There are two major upgrades now in place and others are set to follow this year. One of the key developments is that ETD is now fully compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA accreditation for online accessibility for people with disabilities.

This means ETD now includes text alternatives for non-text content, functionality for input devices other than keyboards and easier site navigation. It works with screen readers for colour blind drivers and is more accessible for organisations that use rental booking teams.

It is also now fully mobile-responsive, allowing renters to locate and book nearby available rental or car club vehicles through the platform on their mobile device. Access to mobility is becoming increasingly important with the growth in flexible working and employees can book rentals directly while still remaining compliant with the employer’s travel policy.

Enterprise Travel Direct, which ensures online compliance and demand management for business travel, has already seen significant growth and is currently being rolled out to customers in France and Spain, joining the thousands of public and private sector fleets that already use it in the UK and Germany.

The number of rental transactions carried out through the platform has risen by 200% over the past two years.

It is the only journey assessment and booking system that consolidates daily rental, car club, pool car and grey fleet travel and enables customers to select the most accessible mode of travel using real-time availability.

ETD also embeds each organization’s travel policy into the booking function, allowing businesses to evidence that this is enforced through every journey and ensuring every trip complies with the organisation’s specific duty of care and emissions footprint requirements. The platform automatically tracks the origin, destination and mileage for every trip, whether in a dedicated or on-street car club, in a rental car or in the employee’s own vehicle.

"We’re seeing a real change in how employees are booking their business travel and policy compliance is more important than ever," Enterprise Head of Public Sector Ryan Bushell said. "ETD has become the de facto choice for organizations wanting to control ad hoc employee travel and migrate workers to safer and lower-emission vehicles.

“These new upgrades are helping customers who want the platform to be more functional and accessible because they love it. It’s now on mobiles so people can swiftly book on the go and employees with disabilities can use it as easily as anyone else. ETD has become hugely popular and we’re investing to be sure it has all the functionality businesses want.”