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Environmental, Social & Governance Reporting

The Road Ahead, Reimagined

An uplifting, graphic collage of a city skyline in the distance, with a road populated by cars and other vehicles in the foreground, surrounded by a lush forest.

FY22 ESG Report At A Glance

Our vision to be the world’s best and most trusted mobility company guides the way we grow our business and cultivate partnerships to benefit our diverse stakeholders. As a multi-generational family-owned business, Enterprise Mobility strives to operate with future generations in mind. Because of that, we’re invested in reimagining the road ahead for our teams, communities and planet.

Our FY22 ESG Report — The Road Ahead, Reimagined  focuses on topics that are material to our business evolution and growth. This report showcases the myriad of ways in which we are advancing sustainable mobility solutions while striving to create a safe and inclusive workplace that empowers our 90,000+ global team members. It also demonstrates our commitment to fostering innovation, reducing our environmental footprint, building strong communities and creating sustainable partnerships.  

As the world evolves, we will evolve and innovate along with it, striving to use our global presence to make purposeful environmental, social and governance progress — reimagining the road ahead for our industries, our communities and our people.

Chrissy Taylor, President & Chief Executive Officer - Enterprise Mobility

Two female Enterprise employees and one male employee, all wearing white Enterprise Fill Your Tank t-shirts, pack boxes during a community service project.

Impacting Communities

Our communities are everything. See how we’re giving back to the neighborhoods we live and work in through the Enterprise Mobility Foundation.  

Nine different Enterprise employees, representing a wide range of diversity (gender, race, ethnicity, geographic, etc.), are arranged in a carousel image.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Enterprise Mobility is committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment – rooted in the founding value “our doors are open.”  

A male Enterprise employee, wearing a black glove in an auto mechanic's garage, points at an iPad.

Supplier Diversity

Our organization values partnerships with diverse businesses and is committed to supplier representation that fully reflects the communities we serve.