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Coupa Frequently-Asked Questions

Man and woman talking on a sunny day at the rental car lot.

Our Partner Promise

Building partnerships with suppliers based on mutual value creation is fundamental to our philosophies at Enterprise Mobility. Selecting and managing the right partnerships is critical to realize our aspiration and preserve the integrity of our brand in the minds of consumers.

Man and woman talking on a sunny day at the rental car lot.

Benefits to Our Suppliers

Registering for Coupa is a free and essential step for suppliers that want to do work with Enterprise Mobility. A few benefits include (a) quicker payment thru e-invoicing, (b) a simplified ordering process and (c) enhanced opportunities with a very large network of locations.

Man and woman talking on a sunny day at the rental car lot.

What to Expect

After receiving an emailed invitation to join the Coupa network, suppliers will be asked to provide contact, banking and location information. Onboarding and training support is available directly through Coupa. See the resource links below for additional information.

Nine different Enterprise employees, representing a wide range of diversity (gender, race, ethnicity, geographic, etc.), are arranged in a carousel image.

Supplier Diversity Policy

Our business is committed to supplier representation that fully reflects the communities we serve. In focusing on goods and services, we value partnerships with diverse list of partners.

Two suppliers pull wood from a white pick-up truck

Supplier Code of Conduct

We select suppliers and partners that share our values and commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality, integrity, excellence, safety, legal compliance and respect for human rights.