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  • March 24, 2022
  • 3 Minute Read
Press Release


Demand For Enterprise Car Club Surges as Business Travel Returns

Hundreds of Businesses Are Adding Automated On-Street Car Rental to Their Travel Policies

Hundreds of businesses are adding automated on-street car rental to their travel policies in response to growing demand for business travel as employees return to work, according to business rental experts for Enterprise.

Workers now need greater mobility in more disparate hybrid or home working locations, and often on a more ad hoc basis. The result is that on-street car clubs are increasingly a mainstream option for United Kingdom businesses.

To help service this increasingly regionalised demand, Enterprise has integrated in-branch technology that geolocates vehicles in real time and provides every branch with visibility of both daily rental and car club availability across the fleet.

This means in-branch employees can advise business customers when a car club vehicle is the most suitable choice for a business trip based on their location – especially for last-minute bookings.

Businesses using Enterprise’s ETD booking and compliance platform will also be able to ‘default’ certain employees to a local car club vehicle when that is the closest, most convenient and most sustainable option.

This move towards automated rental has the potential to reduce delivery, collection and mileage costs for many business renters. Setting up employees as car club members is also simple. Once a company has decided to offer employees membership to Enterprise Car Club, Enterprise automatically onboards every employee on to the service without any additional administration.

Enterprise’s 1,400+ on-street vehicles, available 24/7 in towns and cities around the UK, are particularly appropriate for last-minute rentals, out-of-hours hire and employees at home who are remote or hybrid working. Vehicles based at stations and other transport hubs provide valuable onward multi-modal travel options for employees travelling by train.

Enterprise’s flexible car club technology means employees can book personal trips on the Enterprise Car Club app outside working hours. There is no fee for business membership of the program, and users only pay when they are renting a vehicle.

"Enterprise Car Club assists our officers and staff simply accessing a vehicle at short notice and for a short period of time," a Cumbria Constabulary spokesperson said. "The scheme is supported by a user-friendly app which officers and staff can quickly access and make bookings for necessary journeys."

"Automated rental through an on-street car club is becoming an important form of vehicle hire, especially for businesses transitioning the workplace to a hybrid working model," Enterprise's UK & Ireland Director of Business Rental Paul McCorkell added. "It means that we can deliver mobility to employees in even more locations and out of hours, through what might have previously been seen as solely a residential solution.

"Rental on demand brings several benefits. It enables customers to access a much wider range and number of cars and vans in their local area. It reduces collection and delivery charges because vehicles are close to where the employee lives or works, and lowers their carbon footprint.

"And because many of our car club vehicles are low- or zero-emission plug-in electric vehicles, companies can start to introduce employees to EVs quickly and conveniently, getting them accustomed to what will soon be the future of motoring."

Automated rental through an on-street car club is becoming an important form of vehicle hire, especially for businesses transitioning the workplace to a hybrid working model.

PAUL MCCORKELL   •   Enterprise's UK & Ireland Director of Business Rental