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  • April 19, 2024
  • 5 Minute Read
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How New Technologies Transforming Mobility Can Drive Your Business Into the Future

Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to streamline operations and stay ahead of the competition. With transportation technology constantly evolving, you can’t afford to fall behind.

Here are four key areas in which new technologies are transforming mobility – and how Enterprise Mobility’s thoughtful, customer-first approach can help your business keep pace. 

Telematics: Gathering Data for Smarter Fleet Management

Without data, managing a fleet of vehicles can be a daunting task. Tracking vehicle performance, monitoring fuel usage and ensuring timely maintenance are just some of the challenges your organization might face. The more you know, the better the decisions you can make.

Enterprise Mobility provides clients with access to telematics technology that can be a powerful tool to help manage vehicles more effectively. When you work with Enterprise Fleet Management™, Enterprise Truck Rental™ or Enterprise Flex-E-Rent™, you can choose to have vehicles equipped with telematics devices that log data and upload it to a secure online portal, providing you with 24/7 access to vital statistics like GPS location, average speed, miles driven, fuel usage and engine performance.

With this comprehensive data at the ready, you can make critical decisions to help reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes and schedule maintenance before problems occur. Telematics is not just a convenience – it has become a crucial component of companies’ fleet management strategy. And it can help ensure the efficiency, safety and longevity of your vehicles.

Data Analytics: Turning Information into Action

Too much data can be as big a problem as too little. A challenge facing fleet managers is aggregating huge volumes of data from multiple sources and trying to make sense of it all.

When you partner with Enterprise Fleet Management, you’ll be paired with a dedicated account manager with deep logistical and operational experience who can collect data from multiple sources, interpret it through the lens of your organization’s unique needs, and turn it into actionable steps you can take to drive your business further.

Electric Vehicles: Paving the Way to a More Sustainable Future

With more and more regulation mandating decarbonization, businesses around the globe are feeling pressure to incorporate electric vehicles into their fleets. But the prospect of such a massive change can seem overwhelming.

At Enterprise Mobility, we embrace the responsibility to transition to electric vehicles and are committed to doing so thoughtfully, while ensuring that customers always come first. We’re working with industry leaders and stakeholders to drive the long-term viability of EVs, and we’re investing purposefully to learn and grow along the way.

Enterprise Mobility, through the EU brands Flex-E-Rent and Enterprise Car Club™, offers a range of options as you work to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. We have several thousand EVs available today in select locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, and we are continuously adding them based on the evolution of the broader market demands. Our main focus is pairing the right vehicle with each customer by understanding their unique requirements, preferences and concerns for the best possible experience. We’ve also been partnering with charging companies to facilitate the installation of charging stations at neighborhoods and airport operations.

In North America, Enterprise Fleet Management and Geotab® conducted an electric vehicle suitability assessment in 2021 — using data from 91,252 Enterprise vehicles — to better understand the current and future business implications for organizations transitioning their fleets to EVs. The findings showed that by 2025, about 42,000 vehicles could be electrified, which could amount to a decrease in CO2 emissions of 1.3 million tons over a 4-year service life.

Enterprise Fleet Management works with small to medium-sized businesses and government agencies in North America to navigate the journey to fleet electrification. By taking a consultative approach, our strategic account managers can help you evaluate operational impacts, cost and the environmental benefits of introducing EVs to your fleet, making recommendations to get you to the right decisions for your business.

Connected Vehicles & Innovation: Providing a Superior Experience for Your Employees

Connected vehicles send specified vehicle data from a rental vehicle directly to Enterprise Mobility. By embracing this technology, tasks such as checking fuel levels and mileage are automated to create efficiencies during the check-in and checkout processes, resulting in a more streamlined rental experience for business travelers and greater accuracy for managers tracking travel costs.

In the future, connected cars will not only enhance the rental experience, but also the entire transportation ecosystem. For example, data produced by onboard sensors could give your organization visibility into the performance of connected vehicles, helping you anticipate maintenance needs and support roadside assistance efforts.

As customer expectations evolve, we’re also leveraging first-class customer service and in-car technology to create streamlined, contactless experiences. Enterprise CarShare and Car Club automate the transaction process from reservation to closing, giving drivers the ability to use vehicles anytime and for however long they need — hourly, daily or weekly. Employees benefit from access to dedicated vehicles 24/7 and a contactless experience. Businesses have transparency and visibility into the program’s performance and opportunities for cost and carbon footprint reductions.

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