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  • April 19, 2024
  • 5 Minute Read
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The Power of Partnering to Meet Your Toughest Mobility Challenges

For many organizations, transportation is an essential component of doing business. But managing your business’s transportation needs all on your own can be daunting, and facing challenging inefficiencies and knowledge gaps can divert focus from your core operations and ultimately impact your bottom line.

Partnering with like-minded people who can help your company optimize its transportation operations and deliver mobility solutions tailored to your needs can make all the difference.

That's where Enterprise Mobility™ comes in.

Driven by a belief in the value of long-term relationships, a culture of innovative problem-solving and a long track record of award-winning customer service, we excel at partnering with businesses like yours to help solve tough transportation challenges and achieve goals.

It Starts with Family Values

We’ve been putting people first for over 65 years. Founded by Jack Taylor in 1957, the organization has grown from one employee and a fleet of seven vehicles to become a global leader in mobility services, thanks in large part to Jack’s enduring philosophy of listening to customers and tailoring solutions to their specific needs.

Today, under the leadership of Jack’s granddaughter, Chrissy Taylor, we continue that legacy of personalized service and commitment to customers’ success. With over 90,000 dedicated team members globally and a rock-solid financial foundation, we offer stability and reliability you can count on. In fact, we’re the only mobility provider with an investment-grade bond rating, so you can be confident that we’ll be able to meet your current, and ongoing, transportation needs.

“Our culture of customer service influences everything we do,” says Khaled Shahbo, senior vice president for European operations at Enterprise Mobility. “What matters to our customers matters to us, and we’re investing in their success.”

Consulting and Curating

Building on our foundational customer-focused business philosophy, we take a consultative approach to working with our clients. Every organization that works with Enterprise Mobility is matched with a dedicated local account manager who has extensive logistical and operational expertise. As a single, consistent point of contact, this strategic team member learns everything about your business and its transportation needs.

Account managers are available for support on everything from quarterly reports to calling in to daily briefings. By developing personal relationships, they can build the kind of trust that allows them to curate the right mobility solutions to help you achieve your goals, regardless of the industry or your company’s objectives.

“Our teams work very hard to understand exactly what our business clients need, what they’re going through and where they’re headed as a company,” says Brice Adamson, president of Enterprise Fleet Management™.

Paving a New Way Forward: Partnering for the Future

One of our primary responsibilities as a mobility provider is to prepare businesses for the future.

“Our clients look to us for direction and for advice, not only about how to manage transportation for their day-to-day business, but also about what’s coming next,” says Mary Mahoney, vice president of the Global Replacement and Leisure Division at Enterprise Mobility. “We’re having discussions today about electrification of fleets and autonomous technology. Our customers depend on our automotive experience to help them understand how these things will impact their business.”

Enterprise Mobility is committed to a thoughtful approach to electrification, working with industry leaders and stakeholders to drive the long-term viability of electric vehicles. We’re focused on ensuring that the solutions we bring to market put customers first, with purposeful investment to learn and grow along the way.

That approach extends to our work with government clients.

As a state with some of the most environmentally progressive laws in the country, California is aggressively shifting its fleet to EVs, and we are working closely with state authorities to meet this challenge. As the only contract provider for the state government’s rental car services – encompassing cities, counties, public school systems and local jurisdictions – we’re uniquely positioned to help, thanks to the size and breadth of our vehicle inventory.

“We have purchased a lot of EVs to help the governor’s office reach its goals of electrification,” says Lisa Holmes, Enterprise Mobility account manager for the state of California. “Currently, we’re working on a pilot program with the state in three markets where they’ve expressed the need.”


Driving Flexibility: Partnering with Groundworks

Enterprise Mobility’s commitment to customer service, custom solutions and creative problem-solving also drives our work with Groundworks®, a residential foundation and water management solutions company based in Virginia Beach, Va.

Founded in 2016, Groundworks has grown quickly, from 170 box trucks and sales vehicles to 1,700 in its first five years alone. Enterprise Mobility manages Groundworks’ fleet and much of the logistics that go with it: maintenance records, federal transportation regulations, vehicle recalls, its fuel program and data analytics.

Across Groundworks’ 17 nationwide locations, its vehicles cover several million miles each year.

“We can’t operate without a rolling fleet,” says Matt Malone, founder and CEO. “We exist to serve consumers in their homes — nothing in our business gets done without that consumer interaction — and the way we get there is by leveraging the fleet that we have with Enterprise. Without that fleet, and without our rolling stock of trucks, there really is no busines.

“We depend on Enterprise,” he adds. “We view them as a true business partner.”

With the help of Enterprise Mobility, Groundworks has not only expanded its business across the United States, it is also now able to track, scale, manage, and optimize its fleet to prepare for the road ahead.

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About Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is a leading provider of mobility solutions including car rental, fleet management, flexible vehicle hire, carsharing, vanpooling, truck rental, luxury rental, retail car sales and vehicle subscription, as well as other transportation technology services and solutions, to make travel easier and more convenient for customers. Enterprise Mobility, inclusive of its subsidiaries and franchisees, and affiliate, Enterprise Fleet Management, manage a diverse fleet of 2.3 million vehicles through an integrated network of nearly 9,500 fully staffed neighborhood and airport rental locations in more than 90 countries and territories. Privately held by the Taylor family of St. Louis, Enterprise Mobility manages the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo brands.