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  • June 10, 2024
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How Enterprise Mobility Enabled Dstl to Save 100 Tonnes of CO2e Emissions

Partnership with the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory Enhances the Sustainability of its Business Travel

Global mobility provider Enterprise Mobility has partnered with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence, to enhance the sustainability of its business travel. Through this strategic partnership, Dstl has implemented a customised package using Enterprise Car Club and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. This collaboration has transformed Dstl’s business travel, significantly reducing its environmental impact and achieving remarkable results.

With the deployment of nearly 100 Enterprise Car Club vehicles on-site at three locations in Wiltshire and Hampshire, Dstl now boasts one of the largest business car club fleets in the U.K. This has drastically reduced the need for vehicle deliveries and collections, resulting in an estimated reduction of 372,000 miles and an impressive saving of more than 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) supply chain emissions within a 12-month period (February 2022 to January 2023). To put this into perspective, the emission saving is equivalent to flying from London Heathrow to Sydney, Australia more than 30 times.

Dstl’s commitment to being a responsible member of the community and aligning its supply chain with its social value priorities is at the forefront of its business travel approach. It is one of the reasons why the on-site car club programme is a convenient solution: it means employees can opt for public transport for their daily commute and help to minimise traffic and noise pollution, while having access to vehicles at work for essential business travel.

Furthermore, the entire Dstl workforce can enrol in the virtual on-street network provided by Enterprise Car Club, granting them access to around 1,500 vehicles across the U.K.

Emphasising sustainability, Dstl’s car club fleet comprises an increasing number of electric vehicles, allowing employees to opt for zero emission transportation options that are better for the environment. Moreover, all Enterprise vehicles used by Dstl are newer than the average car, contributing to a cleaner and greener transportation solution.

In addition to the on-site fleet, Dstl employees can rent vehicles for business travel through Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s extensive branch network. This flexibility is particularly beneficial during peak periods throughout the year. With branches conveniently located within 10 miles of 93% of the U.K. population, Enterprise Mobility ensures that Dstl’s workforce has access to vehicles at the office or at home, even in rural locations.

“We are incredibly proud of the collective effort and collaboration that has led to this remarkable outcome," Dstl Principal Estates Contract Manager John Barber said. "The emission savings resulting from the expansion of our dedicated Enterprise Car Club programme exemplify the immense potential of business car clubs in driving positive environmental change.

"One of the key advantages to having the vehicles on site is that there is a lesser need to transport vehicles to and from the rental branches. This reduction in miles travelled not only contributes to the improvement of local air quality but also helps to ease traffic congestion, particularly during peak travel times, within the areas where we operate. These benefits extend beyond our own operations, positively impacting our local communities and fostering a more sustainable transportation system.”

To facilitate seamless bookings, employees use the Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD) platform on their phones or desktops. ETD is a comprehensive journey assessment and booking system that combines daily rental, car club, and pool car services, enabling employees to select their preferred mode of business travel based on real-time availability.

The dedicated Enterprise Car Club vehicles are equipped with telematics technology to capture data on utilisation, mileage and emissions to help effectively tailor Dstl’s approach to business travel. For instance, by reviewing journey distances, Dstl can determine the number of vehicles that could transition to electric vehicles in the future, further enhancing their sustainability efforts.

As part of the bespoke package, Enterprise Mobility assigns a dedicated professional responsible for on-site vehicle servicing and maintenance, which includes cleaning and minor repairs. Additionally, Enterprise Mobility offers valuable business intelligence, reporting, and specialist consultancy services to support Dstl at every stage of their journey.

Dstl’s collaboration with Enterprise Mobility has yielded remarkable results in reducing carbon emissions, lowering mileage, and improving the sustainability of their business travel practices. By leveraging Enterprise Car Club and Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s innovative solutions, Dstl has set a commendable example for other organisations, showcasing how flexible and sustainable transportation options can be seamlessly integrated.

"There has been strong evidence of the potential of on-site car clubs in helping to reduce emissions from employee travel, and Dstl is an excellent and large-scale example," Enterprise Mobility Head of Business Rental Development for the U.K. & Ireland Andrew Bland added. "On-site car clubs act as a catalyst for better employee travel habits. The evidence from this programme is that employees commute less by car, for example, because they know there’s a vehicle at the office if they need one for a business trip.

"Dstl’s commitment to being a responsible member of the community and aligning its supply chain with its social value priorities is at the forefront of its business travel approach – and it is also demonstrating the value of collective effort and collaboration to think differently about employee mobility. 

"Any organisation with employees who drive personal cars for work, or that is running a pool car fleet, can potentially benefit from an on-site car club.”

As a trusted partner, Enterprise Mobility continues to provide Dstl with tailored consultations and bespoke solutions to meet their evolving transport needs.

To learn more about Enterprise Car Club’s business rental programme, click here.

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