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Reforestation & Urban Forestry

Supporting Communities & the Environment

Enterprise Mobility reforestation and urban forestry projects are helping to ensure measurable and lasting change for communities and the environment.

Through Enterprise Mobility’s partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation®, we are helping regenerate and restore vital ecosystems in forests of greatest need throughout North America and Europe.

The 50 Million Tree Pledge® restoration efforts are helping to bolster biodiversity, improve the health of wetland ecosystems, sequester carbon dioxide, and provide food and habitat for countless wildlife in state and national forests. In local neighborhoods, the Urban Tree Initiative program is helping enhance green spaces for communities while providing shade and cooling to combat urban heat islands, improving air quality and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of local residents.

Community tree planting events also offer Enterprise Mobility team members the opportunity to volunteer locally, providing a sense of ownership and investment in their own natural environment.

Tree Planting & Distribution Impact To-Date

(Data is configured using USDA Forest Services i-Trees Tools and EPA equivalencies and reporting is provided by the Arbor Day Foundation®. These metrics represent an estimated 40-year cumulative benefit.)

Reforestation & Urban Forestry Programs

Trees and forests are a proven solution to addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues, including greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, air pollution and biodiversity health. Both of Enterprise Mobility’s tree planting programs, noted below, are run in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation®.

50 Million Tree Pledge®

Program Initiated: 2006
Commitment: Plant 50 million trees in 50 years 

Established to honor Enterprise’s 50th anniversary, the 50 Million Tree Pledge supports reforestation and ecosystem restoration in forests damaged by fires, storms and disease, and helps expand and preserve habitats for endangered species in state and national forests. The initiative aims to plant 50 million trees by 2056 throughout North America and Europe.

Urban Tree Initiative

Program Initiated: 2018
Commitment: 35k+ trees planted and distributed over 8 years

The Urban Tree Initiative program supports urban forestry plantings in communities throughout North America and Europe impacted by natural disasters or that lack sufficient access to greenspace. Enterprise Mobility team members are also able to volunteer in the program’s local tree planting events.