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A-Gas V14

Protocol used to estimate reductions:
ACR Certified Reclaimed HFC Refrigerants, Propellants, and Fire Suppressants. (Version 2.0, April 2022)

Location of project site:
Rhome, TX

Project timeline:
Current crediting period from January 6, 2023 – June 30, 2023

Project start date:
January 6, 2023

Date and quantities of emission reductions (mtCO2e):

  • 2,220,554 MT CO2e

Type of project:
Industrial Process Emissions Avoidance

Legal or NGO standard:

Project durability period:

Independent or 3rd party validation/verification:
Ruby Canyon Environmental

Annual emissions reductions/removal:
2,220,554 MT CO2e

* This represents the most recent verified annual emissions reduction, taken from the project verification report, dated December 20, 2023.

Details of “accountability measures” if reversal or shortfall:

Enterprise Mobility carbon offset credits are paid for by rental customers who opt-in to the carbon offset program and these purchases are matched by the Enterprise Mobility Foundation.  The carbon offset credits are for emission reductions that have already occurred and been validated by an independent third-party review. If purchased credits are reversed, they will be replaced by Terrapass with credits of comparable quality.

The pertinent data and calculation methods needed to independently reproduce and verify the number of emission reduction credits issued using the protocol may be found in Section 4 – Verification Findings of the Project Verification Report, which is publicly available at A-Gas-V14 | Terrapass.